What We Do

The Dreambuilders Foundation specializes in building community partnerships between athletes, sponsors and benefiting organizations (like schools, after-school clubs and other charities). We build a customized program for each of our athletes that focuses on his charitable goals, then we work with partner charities that can make those goals a reality. From there, we build strategic partnerships with charitable-minded companies who understand the tremendous benefits to partnering with a well-known athlete on a co-branded community program.

The end result is a win/win/win for all of the partners involved. The athlete wins because he is able to build his very own community brand helping those in need. The partner charities win because they are able to tap into funding and awareness that they would not otherwise get without linking up with the athlete. The sponsors win by making a big impact in the communities they serve and doing so in a way that builds an association with a well-known athlete and gets plenty of attention from the media and the public.

Here are just a few examples of the types of partnerships we put in place:

Building Attention-Grabbing Community Programs With UnitedHealthcare

Over the past six years, the Dreambuilders Foundation has partnered well-known pro athletes with UnitedHealthcare on community programs that help kids in need get access to proper nutrition and exercise. Together, we have helped thousands of children lead healthier lives and built programs that have gained widespread attention from the media and community leaders. In […]

Coordinating A Multi-Market Promotion With JCPenney

“The Dreambuilders Foundation has been a wonderful organization to partner with. JCPenney and JCPenney Cares have been able to make a tremendous impact in the communities where we have collaborated. We look forward to continuing our work together to help the lives of children and families in need” – Brooke Fedro, Cause Marketing, JCPenney Dreambuilders […]

Creating A Charitable Brand For Edgar Snyder & Associates In Pittsburgh

“Working with Dreambuilders and Pittsburgh Pirate Josh Harrison has helped to further brand our community service initiatives. We’ve had an amazing response from the public and many people have joined us in helping worthwhile charities.” – Lisa Rosen Glaser, Marketing Director, Edgar Snyder & Associates Pittsburgh-area law firm Edgar Snyder & Associates partnered with Dreambuilders […]